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inding the right artist for your project can be a difficult and time consuming task.  But if you had someone you could trust who was willing to help you find a candidate with just the right blend of artistic ability, work ethic, software knowledge, and attitude…   Wouldn’t you reach out to that person?

Put our director of career services to work for you and let him help you find your next artist!

Our graduates are trained in:

  • 3D Modeling & Digital Sculpting
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Photoreal texturing & Lighting
  • Rotoscoping & Compositing
  • Game Production
  • Stereoscopic 3D


Michael Keith is our director of career services and it is his function to make successful connections between our graduates and employers.  If you need to hire one or more of our graduates, please send him an email and outline what your needs are.  He will be happy help you find a graduate with the skillsets you need to make your project a successful one!

Studio testimonials

  • Working with the recent DAVE grads on MSNBC’s “Why Planes Crash” has been a great experience. The quality of their work and overall preparedness was really amazing.
    Visual Cue Studios, Tom Bremer, Owner
  • I’ve been going through and adding all of the turn and stop animations to our project and I just wanted to compliment the quality of the work you guys have done. The attention to detail on the fingers and ball is fantastic, and I wanted you and your team to know that it is really appreciated. Tagging up all of these anims has given me a lot of time to really focus on the detailed action going on in the hands and I am continually impressed, animation after animation with how precise they are.
    Electronic Arts, Tiburon, Aaron Punga, Sr. Character Animator
  • Dream Balloon Animation studios highly endorses has been working with the D.A.V.E. school since 2007. Although the D.A.V.E. school considered a higher education facility, their commitment of excellence in the professional sector is unmatched at their level. With an award-winning animation staff and instructors, the D.A.V.E school is surpassing their local and national competition in the field of CGI-animation special effects. I have personally had the privileged to work with over a two dozen D.A.V.E. school graduates, who were well trained and schooled in the field of animation and special effects. At Dream Balloon Animation, we look for the next D.A.V.E. school graduate who understands and can operate the ever-changing technology that has pushed this medium in the heart of Hollywood. Right after our successful animation short project, several D.A.V.E. school graduates went to work for James Cameron on Avatar. What more can I say about a school that has surpassed everyone's expectations.
    Dream Balloon Animation, Michael Attardi, Director/ Producer

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