David Sushil

Lead Instructor – Online

Designer and Programmer for Time to Die: Adventures


More about David

David is an indie game developer with over ten years of experience teaching students how to program games and simulations.  His original titles have been selected for honors in events such as PAX 10 and GameStop’s Indie Game Challenge.  In his spare time, David is an advocate for the local independent game scene, having hosted Indienomicon’s monthly meetups for over three years.  As Lead Instructor Online at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Orlando, David works to ensure the success of its online students.


Vanessa Saint -Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare (Designer, Programmer)
Time To Die: Adventures (Designer, Programmer)
Time To Die: Dungeons (Designer, Programmer)
A Lighthearted Game (Designer, Programmer)
The Thieving Tower (Designer, Programmer)
Not Without You (Designer, Programmer)
CSX Moves (Lead Designer)
Canada Hunt (Technical Consultant)

Work Experience

Asst. Professor – Game & Simulation Programming, DeVry University
Owner, Bad Pilcrow
Co-founder, Indienomicon
Lead Designer, GameSim
Research Assistant, Institute for Simulation & Training


University of Central Florida, MS in Modeling & Simulation
University of Central Florida, BS in Psychology

Social Media


PAX 10 Official Selection, PAX Prime
Professional Finalist, GameStop’s Indie Game Challenge
Boston Indie Showcase Official Selection, PAX East
Best Design, Zoo Publishing’s Independent Game Developers Contest
PRIDE Award, DeVry University

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David Sushil