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The Visual Effects program is 12 months and the Game Production program is 15 months.
Prospective Students must furnish proof of a high school diploma or equivalent. If an applicant is under 18, he or she must provide written consent of his or her parent or guardian. Applicants are not required to have any previous computer graphics experience, but a strong work ethic and a burning desire to become a 3D artist are necessary. Applicants should also possess basic computer and Internet usage skills. We do not have a traditional art prerequisite. While drawing and painting are valuable skills that can be useful in certain job markets, we believe that 3D modeling and animation is a completely unique art form. In fact, we place equal value on experience in film making, acting, theater, lighting, stagecraft, web-design, programming, painting, writing, music, sculpture, model building, crafts or just about any creative endeavor. Ultimately we are seeking students who are creative by nature, not intimidated by conceptual challenges, don’t mind working long hours, enjoy problem solving, and are driven to excellence. For more information, you may review the application requirements on the Apply Now page
The DAVE School offers certificate programs in Visual Effects Production as well as Game Production. Upon completion of either program, a certificate will be presented to each student.
We start both our programs at a very basic level. Prior experience would be beneficial but is not required.
There is no requirement to have your own computer, although we highly recommend you own one. The school provides access to our facilities for computer and lab usage which will house all software needed. If you would like, our IT department can help you build a custom computer to meet the most demanding 3D/VFX needs. Click here for recommended hardware
Our programs are designed to get students to a production-ready level at the end of their training. DAVE School graduates regularly go on to work at top film and gaming studios directly following graduation.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median salary for Multimedia Artists and Animators is between $44,710 and $77,010, with top level artists making over $100,000 per year.
Yes. Our career services department focuses on preparing students, from the very first class, on interviewing skills and professional-level demo reels. Once a demo reel is deemed ready to be seen by professional studios, the career services department will send it out to prospective employers. In addition, studios are flown in to personally view the students’ reels and have individual contact with them. Once a student graduates, she will always be eligible to receive placement assistance from the DAVE School.
Our financing department assists students with obtaining the resources necessary to attend the DAVE School. While we are not able to accept the FAFSA at this time, we direct students to alternative resources to assist them
Our student housing consists of two or three-bedroom condos shared by DAVE School students. All of the condos are within a 4-5 mile radius of the school. These condos are fully furnished, and each student has his/her own bedroom with a bed, computer desk, dresser, and closet. All utilities are included. This is a separate fee from tuition.
Yes, please click here to learn more about our online offering.