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How to join the forums

This forum is designed to be a meeting place of past, present and future students of the DAVE school and others who are in the Animation and Effects industry. Membership requires a mod to create an account for you. Due to spammers, the ability to create an account her has been disabled.

To get an account here on this board, please click on the Register Now button and create your account. .

Please use the following username convention to speed-up approvals. Please follow the example below to create a username when prompted on the following page.

Real Name: John T. Smith
Username: johnsmith (no spaces, no initials, all lowercase)

Because this board is for networking, please use your real name and not a handle or nickname.

Be sure to let a member of the IT staff know when you have signed up (helpdesk @ They will need to approve your account before it becomes ACTIVE!