All video games are centered on the concept of interaction. Each part of the game is something a player can experience firsthand. Unlike film, players are thrown into a world and can immediately start to interact with it. Game artists are responsible for creating this first level of immersion. This course will focus on bringing the game world to life. Students will be shown how to create realistic assets utilizing Unreal 4’s physically based rendered materials and lighting. Students will be introduced into the basic understanding of game interactions and gameplay systems.

Creating art to work inside game systems is no easy task. By the end of this course you will have a full understanding of how to dissect game systems and create art assets that work with them fluidly and seamlessly.


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Digital Modeling and SculptingFundamentals of Computer AnimationVideo Game ProductionInteraction and Game SystemsFinal Game Project Development

GAME 401 Instructor

Jeff Cavitt - Instructor GAME 401

Jeff Cavitt

Jeff has over 10 years of experience as a 3D artist. After working on a number of projects following graduation, Jeff next established himself as an environment artist at Terminal Reality, where he worked on AMC’s The Walking Dead for

Interaction and Game Systems