By this point in our program, you have received in-depth education and moderate experience in every major discipline used in game art production. Now it is time to choose a specialty and elevate those skills to the level required by top employers.

We review your academic progress as well as your talent, interests, and career goals. You then become part of a specialized production team. You will work as you would at a major game/simulation studio. An experienced production manager will assign you tasks that contribute to the eventual completion of the project and will supervise your work. The production manager is ultimately responsible for creative guidance and the quality of every production element. By meeting his or her standards, you will be producing industry quality work (that will be presented on your demo reel) every single day.

The whole of your education comes to bear in this course. You will be working together as a team with tasks ranging from modeling, texturing, lighting, world building, rigging and animation. The team works together, just as they would on the job, to create a final real time project. You must problem solve and establish solutions using the skills and techniques you’ve developed over the past year.


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Digital Modeling and SculptingFundamentals of Computer AnimationVideo Game ProductionInteraction and Game SystemsFinal Game Project Development

GAME 501 Instructor

Jessica Kipikasha - Instructor GAME 501

Jessica Kipikasha


Final Game Project Development