The world of computer animation starts as an endless void. There is nothing until we build every character, set, prop, or vehicle needed to create a shot. In this class you will use amazing modeling software like Modo, and Z-Brush to create studio level models. When you watch the video, take special note of when we these models were created. We do more by the end of week two than most schools do all semester. Students who complete this term will have a concrete knowledge of hard surface and organic modeling techniques, material properties, 3D lighting & rendering, procedural & image-based texture mapping, and digital sculpting.

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Digital Modeling and SculptingAnimation FundamentalsVisual EffectsStudio Production

Block 01 Student Testimonials

Dan Greenfield

Tanner C. Bartlett

Block 4Being a part of a production is the most fun I’ve had at the DAVE School. At the beginning of the block you’re thrown right into the frying pan, and it’s all systems go from there. The environment our instructor Matt Killian created for “Creature Comforts: The Lost Episode” is fun, creative, and collaborative. He is very passionate about what he does and he wants our film to be the best it can possibly be and is willing to let us pitch in our own ideas for the film. Having the ability to pitch an idea with the opportunity for it to be used in the film is really satisfying. Every aspect of the pipeline is enjoyable and we’re always challenged to push our work to the next level. Working with a team can be a challenge, but when you come up with something awesome together it is very rewarding. Having experience working in a real production pipeline will definitely be a great asset to have when it comes time to find a job in the industry. Really and truly, I couldn’t be happier with my experience in Block 4.Alexander Llanos

Jacob S. Coy

Block 03Block 3 is where I really started to see all of the great things I learned at the Digital animation and Visual Effects School start to come together. I found it inspiring to learn about all of the VFX artist that were pioneers for our industry, those who paved the way for all of the beautiful things we get to do today. The course itself really pushed me as an artist and helped me to focus on the subtleties that really make for a great final shot and for that I am grateful for the experience.Mike Jagodzinski

Maria Dorta

Block 1With each new project we are push to the max. As the weeks go by you realize that you are increasing your abilities to attack every assignment, they motivate you to challenge yourself and to give your best.Matt Killian

Matt Graham

Block 01My experience at the DAVE School has been nothing short of outstanding. From the attentive and informative instructors and staff, to the interesting and challenging projects. The curriculum is intense and students dive head first into many daunting projects. However, I feel that the fast pace and constantly increasing difficulty helps to quickly and effectively cultivate a skill set that can meet industry standards. The DAVE School has definitely surpassed my expectations, and I feel that I will be well prepared to enter this competitive industry.Jeff Cavitt

Jason Goldwine

Block 01I came to The DAVE School with no prior 3D experience and after only three months of study, I can already tell that the School is teaching me the skills I need to achieve my goals. The faculty expects students to work at a professional level from day one. Through this approach, we not only become better artists, we are also being prepared for the real world challenges that come with our new careers.Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Block 03Daniel Smith is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He will teach you more about VFX production in 3 months than any college could in a year. His course gave me both the skills and confidence I need to pursue professional-level work in the entertainment industry.Sandra Ross

Sandra Ross

The DAVE School has a rigorous work schedule that aptly prepares you for the industry you’re about to embark upon. Showing how communication, strong work ethics and the ability to adapt to change are key to being successful in an industry where problem solving is vital. These fundamentals are shown through the leadership of our instructors each day, and it has been a pleasure to have learned from such talented artists in our industry.

Block 01 Course Instructor

Roger Borelli

Roger Borelli

Roger Borelli has over 25 years’ experience in the Motion Picture Industry and is the Modeling and Digital Sculpting Instructor.

Modeling & Sculpting