Visual Effects Program


This is at the core of our philosophy, and frankly, we are surprised that other schools don’t do it too. There is no shortage of schools that make student films. In fact, this is the norm. Students get to put on the director hat and make a film of their own design. The trouble is, that’s not what they will be hired to do. For 99.9% of them, this will be the last time they will create an entire film unless they have put in thousands of hours working on other people’s projects. Graduates entering the workforce must be able to clock in and work as part of team in the fulfillment of a director’s or client’s vision. That’s where the jobs are. Great jobs. Rewarding jobs! Wouldn’t it make more sense to train for that?

At the DAVE School we spend the first three quarters of our Visual Effects and Animation Program teaching the core competencies needed for general animation production. Then for the last 12 weeks our students experience a very unique and challenging program. They work together to create an animated film, visual effects for a school-produced live action short, or any kind of project that replicates the workflow found at an actual studio. The point is, it’s the school and the instructor in the role of Production Company and Director, and it’s the students who work on that project- as they will on their first and every subsequent job in the industry.

We feel that the experience of actually delivering the last frame, of the last shot, (sometimes hours before it screens for an audience) is incredibly valuable. We have heard from countless employers that this is what makes DAVE grads PRODUCTION-READY.

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Digital Modeling and SculptingAnimation FundamentalsVisual EffectsStudio Production

Game Production Program


Although our history is in training students for careers in Visual Effects & Animation, a significant percentage of our placements are in the game industry. All the companies listed below have employed DAVE School graduates to work on many of your favorite games. As is often the case, a great modeler or animator has the option of working in several industries. And since many of our students are more passionate about gaming than they are about film or TV, we thought it appropriate to create a special program just for them. Or for you.

The DAVE School Game Production program starts off with the same fundamental belief that has made us successful thus far. We focus on providing our students with solid career training in the core competencies and then place them in a production environment. For the final 12 weeks of this 15 month program, they have to work together to create a final project. Our classrooms are very closely modeled to a commercial game studio. Our instructors act as team supervisors.

Using both Unreal and Unity they learn how to integrate their work into a game engine. Our graduates will also showcase their individual achievements to potential employers by creating a demo reel and online portfolio.

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Digital Modeling and SculptingAnimation FundamentalsVisual EffectsStudio Production

Academic Director

Angel Gonzalez - Academic Director

Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez is currently the Dean of the video game program at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios in Florida. Angel has over 10 years’ experience creating video games. Angel has had the pleasure of working

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