For the past 15 years The DAVE School has had a proud tradition of training entertainment industry 3D artists in our facility located on the back lot of Universal Studios Orlando. Our next 15 years look to be as promising with the addition of our online Bachelor Degrees. We are so thrilled to be offering another way for aspiring 3D artists and engineers to learn from our programs designed to get you into the industry quickly with the skills you learned from industry experts.

If you can imagine it, you can bring it to life. Join us and request more information about our online programs at The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School.

Motion Graphics – Relay complete thoughts and messages to viewers through a combination of different media and a variety of software.
Production Programming – Designed to teach you a specific range of skills that can get you hired in fields such as film, simulation and gaming.

  • The Game Design Track prepares students for a career building interacive experiences that facilitate play, as it applies to physical, computer, video, and mobile games.
  • The Game Programming Track gives students the skilled needed to write code that supports the production of video games.
  • The Graphics Programming Track gives students the skills and experience necessary to develop cutting edge visual effects in the game and related entertainment industries.
  • The Mixed Reality Development Track is designed for students who desire a skill set appropriate for building virtual and augmented reality applications.
  • The Mobile App Development Track gives the student the skills to design and build robust mobile applications for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and wearables.
  • The Productivity Track gives the student the skills to develop apps and tools used by the film, television, gaming, and other related industries.
  • The Simulation Track prepares students for the challenge of recreating processes and systems useful across numerous industries including Military and Medical.


Online Programs