The online Bachelor Degree in Production Programming, track in Game Design at The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School prepares students for a career building interactive experiences that facilitate play, as it applies to physical, computer, video, and mobile games. Students who complete this track will learn how to conceptualize games, craft gameplay mechanics, develop stories, visualize a look, support a team with documentation, test and evaluate product outcomes. Students will also gain practical experience using the tools that translate game designs into marketable products.


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Introduction to Game Design
This course acts as a starting point for students interested in learning about game design. It covers a wide variety of introductory topics, including the role of a game designer, the history of game design, genres, mechanics, features, rules, scope, documentation, usability, storytelling, and testing.

Game Design Fundamentals
This course guides students through the process of designing games from conception to finished product and beyond. The development of a game design document is the primary focus of Game Design Fundamentals; and at the same time, students will explore and understand the various other documents that are necessary to designing exceptional games.

Visual & Audio Design for Games
In this course, students are introduced to aspects of design that both drive and are influenced by the look and sound of a game. Basic visual elements (such as line, shape, and color) are covered, as well as art styles which are commonly found in games. Auditory elements (such as sound effects, music, and voice-overs) are covered as well.

Storytelling for Games
Students in this course gain mastery of the storytelling aspects of game design. Topics such as genre, theme, and foreshadowing – as well as storytelling tools like the Hero’s Journey and archetypes – are explored as they relate to interactive entertainment. Students also work to develop specific narrative elements in game design – cut scenes, dialogue, scenery, and music, for instance.

Advanced Game Design Concepts
This course goes beyond the basics laid out in Game Design Fundamentals in order to impart upon the student a deeper mastery of the game design process. Topics such as game theory, subtractive design, and calm computing are introduced, as well as important design considerations such as localization and designing for cross-platform games.

Usability and Human Computer Interaction
This course explores the communication that occurs between a human being and an artificial system, within the context of game design. Students gain a solid grasp of the capabilities and limitations of human sensation and perception in order to design games that accommodate a wider range of players. Students will also learn and use Nielsen’s Heuristics in order to design more usable games.

Level Design and Scripting
Using industry-standard tools, students in Level Design and Scripting will gain skill in translating written and visual descriptions of a game into actual environments, scenarios, and actions. Students will also explore the different kinds of game levels – how they vary in terms of starting and ending conditions, the critical path, and player perception of freedom.

Game Design Evaluation & Testing
In this course, students learn how to evaluate games through the process of testing. From focus testing to AB testing, students explore how feedback can be applied to influence the design of a game, in order to create more engaging, entertaining, and profitable products. Special emphasis is placed on the collection and analysis of analytic data using industry tools.

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Student project Beronas War


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