The online Bachelor Degree in Production Programming, track in Mixed Reality Development at The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School is designed for students who desire a skill set appropriate for building virtual and augmented reality applications. Students who complete this track will have a firm grasp of the history, capabilities, limitations, challenges, and future of mixed reality technology; familiarity with the hardware and software that makes mixed reality possible; as well as the ability to create games and applications which utilize VR or AR.


Relevant Courses



Introduction to Virtual Reality
In this course, students learn the foundations of virtual reality, including theory, history, current capabilities, physical limitations, and emerging technology.

Immersive Systems I
Utilizing head-mounted VR technology, students in this course learn to create immersive virtual reality games, which give users the experiencing of interacting with objects in a synthetic environment.

Immersive Systems II
Building on the foundation laid in Immersive Systems I, students explore kinesthetic and tactile VR development using haptic technology, which utilizes the human body as a mechanism for controlling games through movement and gestures.

Scripting for Virtual Reality
This course teaches students how to develop mixed reality applications using industry-standard tools, with an emphasis on creating user experiences via scripting languages.

Digital Imaging for Virtual Reality
In this course, students gain mastery of two important types of VR – video mapping and telepresence. Students will learn how to detect motion and features through the use of webcams, as well as how to build systems which allow interaction with and control of remote objects.

Virtual Worlds
In this course, students gain experience building persistent virtual worlds which may accommodate large numbers of users. Avatar use and customization, instances, and other topics critical to the development of massively multiplayer online games are covered in this course.

Augmented Reality Development
This course directs students to build augmented reality games and applications for desktop and mobile. Geocaching and location-based experiences are covered, as well as how to utilize technology such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and global positioning systems.

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