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Jasper Baltzersen

Digital Artist
Furious 7

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30-Month Online Bachelor’s Degree Program

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Graphics Online!

The Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Graphics will allow students to relay complete thoughts and messages to viewers through the combination of different media such as film, animation, and graphic design. The students will be able to create the opening credits for film, as well as animations based in web, and graphic bumpers for television networks.The students will learn and understand principles of composition, design, compositing and animation using a variety of software.

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Relevant Courses Include:

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Introduction to 3D Animation for Motion Graphics

  • Digital Illustration

  • Digital Media Design and Production

  • Dynamics and Visual Effects for Motion Graphics

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The DAVE School has a rigorous work schedule that aptly prepares you for the industry you’re about to embark upon. Showing how communication, strong work ethics and the ability to adapt to change are key to being successful in an industry where problem solving is vital. These fundamentals are shown through the leadership of our instructors each day, and it has been a pleasure to have learned from such talented artists in our industry.

Sandra Ross / Alumna
VFX Artist at MPC


Dean Lewandowski

VFX Artist


Dean Lewandowski

WETA Digital

“Thanks to the DAVE School and to the help and guidance of William Vaughan, one month after graduation I was hired as an artist on Avatar.”

Rustin Devendorf

Stereoscopic Technical Director
Rogue One


Rustin Devendorf


“Transformers 3 was the first project several DAVE School grads and myself had the privilege of working on at Digital Domain.”

Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Graphics