Bachelor’s Degree in Production Programming

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Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Production Programming Online!

The online Bachelor’s Degree in Production Programming teaches you how to write code for games, movies, and other productions.  Choose from seven concentration tracks to support your unique career goals.

Software Taught



Visual Studio

  • Software Design

  • Production Pipelines

  • C++ / C# Programming

  • Computer Graphics

  • Database Management

  • Game Engines

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Program Tracks

Game Design

Prepare for a career building interactive experiences that facilitate play, as it applies to physical, computer, video, and mobile games. Students who complete this track will learn how to conceptualize games, craft gameplay mechanics, develop stories, visualize a look, support a team with documentation, test, and evaluate product outcomes. Students will also gain practical experience using the tools that translate game designs into marketable products.


Game Programming

Learn the skills you need to write code that supports the production of videos games. Learn how to build tools to assist game developers, create software that automates development tasks, simulate real world systems, and program game pays logic. Using Languages such as C++ and C# and game engines like Unreal 4 and Unity you will develop full scale video games.


Graphics Programming

Gain the skills and experience necessary to develop cutting edge visual effects in the game and related entertainment industries. Popular multimedia libraries are covered, as well as shaders and other technology that allow for the real-time manipulation of digital imagery. Students will become well-versed in techniques such as procedural modeling, which allow graphics programmers to generate virtual environments and textures through code. Finally, students of the Graphics Programming track will explore VR and AR systems, to gain familiarity with mixed reality.


Mixed Reality Development

Build virtual and augmented reality applications. Students who complete this track will have a grasp of the history, capabilities, limitations, challenges, and future of mixed reality technology. Get familiarized with the hardware and software that makes mixed reality possible. Gain the ability to create games and applications which utilize VR or AR.


Mobile App Development

Learn how to design and build robust mobile applications. Industry-standard tools and languages are taught, providing you with a solid foundation with which to create applications for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and wearables. Emphasis is placed on usability, responsive design, and portability. Finally, students will gain experience creating the “back end” – the databases, tables, and Web services that store, modify, and supply content for mobile apps – as well as protecting mobile apps from security threats.



Gain the skills you need to develop apps and tools used by the film, television, gaming and other related industries. You will learn programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, MEL and Python as well as technology like Maya and NUKE to create industry standard software packages.



Get prepared for the challenge of recreating processes and systems – a skill that is useful across numerous industries, including game development. Throughout the track, you will learn to build both discrete event and continuous simulations, as well as their application to health care, aerospace, defense, and entertainment. Gain experience with usability engineering and human computer interaction, in order to build better, more effective simulations.



The DAVE School has a rigorous work schedule that aptly prepares you for the industry you’re about to embark upon. Showing how communication, strong work ethics and the ability to adapt to change are key to being successful in an industry where problem solving is vital. These fundamentals are shown through the leadership of our instructors each day, and it has been a pleasure to have learned from such talented artists in our industry.

Sandra Ross / Alumna
VFX Artist at MPC


Rustin Devendorf
Stereoscopic / Technical Director

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Dale Matasovsky
Digital Compositor

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Andrea Jamiel
VFX Artist

Game of Thrones

Tiffany Cheung
Cinematic Animator

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Bachelor’s Degree in Production Programming