The purpose of this Block is to give students a solid understanding of visual effects production for film and television. Students who complete this term will have an understanding of film effects history, node and layer based compositing, rotoscoping, green screen keying, color grading, 2D/3D tracking, matte painting, set extensions, lighting, look dev, UV's and stereoscopic techniques.

DAVE 301 is where you take what you learned in DAVE 101 and DAVE 201 and take it into a finished shot with compositing and effects. DAVE 301 will encompass a strong emphasis on building skills from knowledge of visual effects history to stereoscopic 3D production, and comprehensive use of node based compositing. The goals of DAVE 301 are to teach these fundamental concepts and skills:


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DAVE 301 Instructor

Daniel Smith - Instructor DAVE 301
Daniel L Smith
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