DAVE School Launches Seven Concentration Tracks for Online Bachelor’s in Production Programming

Registration deadline is March 10.

The tracks further expand the DAVE School’s diverse academic catalogue, which includes a four-year degree in Motion Graphics and diploma programs in Visual Effects and Game Production. The new concentrations were created to meet some of the most pressing labor demands in the video game and film production industries as well as in many other professional fields like healthcare, defense and aeronautics, which rely heavily in visual effects and animation technologies.

“The new Production Programming concentration tracks were created to satisfy emerging industry needs,” said David Sushil, the program’s lead instructor. “The rise of VR, the proliferation of mobile devices and the widespread use of gamification to improve productivity in industries across the board, are all areas in which our students will be prepared to meet technology challenges.”

mixed-reality-track-image2Students enrolled in Production Programming will be able to choose among the following tracks:

Game Design – Will teach students how to conceptualize games, craft gameplay mechanics, develop stories, visualize a look, support a team with documentation, test, and evaluate product outcomes.
Graphics Programming – Will train students to develop visual effects in the video and film industries. Among other things, students will become well-versed in techniques like procedural modeling, which enables virtual environment and textures through code.
Mixed Reality Development – Will prepare students to build virtual and augmented reality applications, including the development of games and mobile apps.
Mobile App Development – Will teach students how to use industry standard tools and languages. This will provide a strong foundation from which to create apps for mobile devices like phones, tablets and wearables.
Simulation – Will train students to build discrete events and continuous simulations that can be applied to industries like healthcare, defense, aerospace and entertainment.

In addition to these five new tracks, the program also offers concentration tracks in Game Programming and Productivity.

To register or for additional information, call 407-385-1140 or visit www.daveschool.com . Deadline to register is March 10.

About The DAVE School (Digital Animation and Visual Effects): The DAVE School, located on the backlot of Universal Studios Florida in Sound Stage 25, includes a 35,000-square-foot facility that offers three labs, a shooting stage with a 65′ x 25′ green screen and a motion capture system. The DAVE School, which offers comprehensive training in 3D modeling and animation, game production, motion graphics creation, 3D visual effects production, and production programming, places graduates in the visual effects and gaming industries. The DAVE School is a division of Florida Technical College, an EduK Group institution. For more information, go to www.daveschool.com

Contact: Jodie Beckstine

DAVE School Launches Seven Concentration Tracks for Online Bachelor’s in Production Programming

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