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DAVE 401 Course Block

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10 Week Course Block

Prepare for Your Career as a VFX Artist or Animator 

The purpose of this Block is to give students a real-world understanding of what it is like to work on a Hollywood production. Students who complete this term will have an understanding of visual effects history, industry standard production techniques, typical 3D/VFX production pipelines, the importance of working as a team and how to apply problem-solving skills to meet production deadlines. The production block ensures that you are properly prepared for a career as an animator or visual effects artist.

This course ensures that you are properly prepared for a career as a VFX artist. During this course, you will be introduced to the world of production, including creative problem solving, employer expectations and the importance of teamwork. This course provides 300 clock hours of live lecture and instructor moderated lab time.
The whole of your education comes to bear in this course. You will be assigned to teams and given tasks ranging from modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, rigging, and animation. Each team works independently and together, just as they would on the job, to create an animation. You must problem solve and establish solutions using the skills and techniques you’ve developed over the past year.
You will develop proficiencies in Industry Standard Production Practices, Expectations and Methodologies.

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Portfolio Production