Video Game Production

Game 301 Course Block



10 Week Course Block

Explore What it Takes to Make Games

Professional game production is the creation and production of games that range from computer, handheld, console, and arcade games to games on the internet, games on mobile phones, and other wireless game applications. After game design documents are ready and designs are complete, a team of skilled artists is assembled as the game moves into production. The first six weeks of this course provides a practical overview of the entire game asset creation process on a simplified scale. Everything taught in the rest of the course is a deeper exploration of each of these areas. Students will learn how to interpret concept art to model out game environments, characters, and props. Students will also be shown how to tell a story with an environment.

Environmental modelers work with polygonal topologies to create models ranging from highly stylized, photo-realistic and fantasy art styles. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of video game art asset creation and pipelines for use in real-time games. Topics such as UV, texturing, color values, game engines, and real time lighting will be covered.

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