The Dream Catcher

For a child, choosing the right toy for bedtime can mean the difference between sweet dreams and terrible nightmares, but for the toy it could mean the difference between life and death.

The DAVE School graduating class of March 2016 tells the story of a gentle, stuffed bear who will stop at nothing to protect his child from a nightmare inducing creature from the shadows.


Comp Wars

The DAVE School class of June 2016 has been split into teams to complete several short sequences based on the most popular films of their time; Star Wars, Stargate, District 9, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Fast and Furious, The Walk, and Jurassic Park. Some of the imagery they've created includes everything from fully computer generated characters, space ships, and invisible effects like sky replacement and matte paintings.


Once in every generation a hero is born: one Guari in all the land, a chosen one. A guardian with the soul of a sloth and the courage to change the world. He is their last hope. He is Sloki.

Sloki is a forced movement 2.5D sidescroller that you will run, jump and slide through in order to save all of Sloki’s friends. Engaging the character will start your running momentum and you will have to perform jumping and sliding actions in order to complete your missions.

Presented by The Dave School graduating class of March 2016.


Detour with G.U.I.D.E through The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School! A team from the June 2016 graduating class explores their first hands on team development experience while creating a fully immersive virtual environment.